Introducing River Protocol

Build secure, real time
messaging apps.

River is an open protocol that empowers you to build dynamic spaces with encrypted communication that seamlessly integrates your on-chain communities.

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River secures read/write entitlements on Base, allowing our app chain to make liveliness tradeoffs that keep the network as fast and 100x less expensive than paid centralized solutions.

River Messaging Protocol

Spaces are deployed on-chain with programmable interfaces allowing the rules, like who can read and write, to be customized to integrate with any other external EVM-compatible contract.

River Smart Contracts

Space creators have true ownership over their Spaces as an on-chain asset and completely control their data, privacy, and engagement.

Space Ownership

River gives you all the building blocks to create real-time social apps that its members own and operate easily.

Coming Soon


Ownable town squares for online communities, built on River.

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